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still trying to sell this freezer. . .any takers?

No, seriously. I have one and I don’t need it anymore. . .here are the details: **ENERGY STAR APPLIANCE** Model Number: LFFN15M5HW I only used the freezer for 3 months and had no issues with it, it’s just too big for my needs. Original price $399 from Lowe’s. I have all manual and warranty information. […]


do not support the arts

anyone in the market for a freezer?

No, seriously. I have one and I don’t need it anymore. . .here are the details: **ENERGY STAR APPLIANCE** Model Number: LFFN15M5HW I only used the freezer for 3 months and had no issues with it, it’s just too big for my needs. Original price $399 from Lowe’s. I have all manual and warranty information. […]

island life, part II


slightly polite, but not quite grammatically correct spam

ready for this to be over.

on aging

“If a person keeps thinking, ‘How old am I going to be?’ and thinking about the age” — she raised her voice — “that’s the worst thing you can do. You don’t have to think about how old you are. You have to think about how many things you want to do and how to […]

baby katie

why do we make it so hard for people to find a path to citizenship?

we heart sesame street




So George and I decided to split a CSA this season.  What’s a CSA you ask? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a way for us to get delicious, organic vegetables every week, and in the words of our farmer, “is a rapidly emerging alternative to conventional food marketing that creates a direct […]

sweet friend

My sweet friend Alisha needs your prayers.


. . .is definitely the place to be today.

totally stuck in my head

Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities That’s why a bear can rest at ease With just the bare necessities of life

good day

I could use more days like this.

as heard on the radio

more on connecting

via Jason

oh what a night!

awesomeness abounds excitement wells inside me tonight Muse U2

get excited

Here’s a little 80s goodness to get your week going . . . This is also perhaps the most awkward game show EVER.


Imagine the sight of a perfect moon light night. Go see for yourself.


What? P-A-R-T-Y Who? AK, Ryan, & yours truly Why? Because it’s our birthday & theme parties are the bestest! So come on out in your best rendition of your favorite childhood toy and expect to find company with Papa Smurf, GI Joe, Funshine Bear, Strawberry Shortcake, Teddy Ruxpin, Rainbow Brite, and maybe even Raphael or […]


thanks bono

Soundtrack for my afternoon compliments of @paul_hewson

so it is

full life = boring blog I’ll take the former.


art & life

In other words, see the art for what it is and do so without being distracted by the life of the artist.  As an artist it took me a while to digest this idea.  Probably because my own art is so integrally tied to who I am and the life that I live. But as […]

Shalom (and more nuggets from Allender)

“Shalom is a peace that not only recalls all the pieces of one’s life but sees how the parts fit together in a unified and glorious whole.  Shalom involves rest and gratitude; it provides a momentary balance and harmony where all things seem right.  We know for moments of this peace, but it is not […]

8-hours schmet-hours

Silver lining on an 8 hour solo car trip up the east coast with a broken cd player & on the day the greatest American pop icon dies? AWESOME RADIO MONTAGES. And also the best radio quote EVER complements of the all-Michael request line in Georgetown, SC: “Los Angeles may have lost a star, but […]


Today was a good day. I got to spend some time in my community doing things that I love. Picking blueberries. Seeing old friends. Making new ones. Finishing a project around the house. And there was a really great afternoon rain shower. I probably should have taken a picture of it, but I’m not really […]

all i’m sayin’ is. . .

you should all move to AUBURN   now-ish

most days

Recently, this is how I’ve been feeling most days. I’ll be glad when things start to look up with the baby and there’s a more definitive timeline. Until then, I’m just trying to take deep breaths and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

more on crooked lines (this time, in color!)

things on my desk


Maybe I should have gone to Father Guido Sarducci’s University. . .

lived and loved (and also had a GREAT week of . . .)

1. renewed friendship 2. laughter 3. wonderful conversations 4. remembering to revel in the small things 5. FRESH STRAWBERRIES 6. enjoying life, just where I am 7. out of town guests 8. playing in the country 9. chickens, goats, & gardens 10. dreaming of the future 11. . . .and realizing that the possibilities are […]

crooked lines

Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage.  The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace. -Matthew 6   The older I get, the more complicated life seems to become.  Someone recently told me that for me, some things are like crooked lines, and […]

dissertation hibernation

see you guys when I’m finished. . .until then, good day & good bye

get him home soon & safe

my current prayer for the little one. . .

there is no me without you

I just learned of the passing of Haregewoin Teferra. Please read the letter from Melissa Fay Greene below to catch a glimpse of this wonderful human being. 2009-03-19 Haregewoin Teferra 1946 (est.) – 2009 Dear Friends, By now you may have learned the shocking news that Mrs. Haregewoin Teferra has died suddenly after a short […]

armin van buuren @ opera part 2

friends + #1 dj in the world + spontaneous road trip = 100% AWESOME . . .   (and some REALLY tired kiddos the next day)

armin van buuren @ opera

friends + #1 dj in the world + spontaneous road trip = 100% AWESOME

no news is NOT good news

still waiting on a court date . . . next week will be the 2 month mark

debt free . . . what a novel idea america!!

adoption. some days are better than others

. . . and today is not one of the good days. 6 weeks down and still no court date. bummer. He’s 4 months old today-ish

Visit our websight!

. . .as seen on a poster in the Opelika, Alabama courthouse.  The poster was advertising customized car tags with     *wait for it*     your favorite racecar driver. WOW.

why auburn, alabama is awesome and strange all at the same time

Last weekend:  Saturday Morning: Tornados Saturday Afternoon: 65 and pleasant Sunday All day: SNOW Rest of the week: 60-80 and BEAUTIFUL

best twitter EVER

  Thank you Tina Fey

it’s 98 degrees in cincinnati,ohio!

so I’m here in red socks country.  home of busken cookies (a new personal favorite), george clooney, jim dine, pete rose, and who could forget 98 degrees.   also, there’s snow here. . .

mary gordon on being alive

on being a graduate student

Q: How do you know you need to get out more? A: When you get overly excited when you finally find your APA Publication Manual.

dear jesus

thank you for making the sun shine brightly in alabama in february thank you for 60 degree weather in february and most of all thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy those two things today.

to run is to breathe

So I’ve been learning a lot recently about myself, relationships, and the like. People keep telling me to just breathe. More specifically they tell me to concentrate on my breathing so that I can focus on that which is life giving. Bill Bright used to say that you should breathe in the Lord and the […]

morning time and sweet songs

this video found via Phil Coffman made my morning

Traffic in Mumbai, India

christmas 2008

cruise to the Caribbean + christmas + family = BEST IDEA EVER!!!


Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your prayers and concern. I just made it safely to New York and will be traveling home to spend some time with my parents. I’ll post more later and will for sure put up pictures from India, but for right now I need some down time to rest and […]


This post by my sister-in-law, Meredith makes me miss my family.


Beautiful_02- Single Guys Outtake from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

baby, it’s cold outside!

So in the quasi-recent ‘greening’ process of my life, I’ve picked up gardening, composting, water conservation (yes, we follow the yellow let it mellow rule in our house), and energy conservation. So far so good, except for the cold factor. Although I do live in Alabama and it is BEAUTIFUL here most parts of the […]

10 reasons I LOVE living in small town Alabama

1.  I can walk or ride my bike everywhere I want to go 2.  Gardening is easy 3. People here know each other and care enough to ask how they are doing. . . and really listen for the answer 4. Lack of anonymity 5. The Fall Season is WONDERFUL 6. Community 7. The bike […]


Congratulations Ben & Daphne!!

on justice and superheros

So for almost a year now a group of my friends and I have been meeting quasi/semi weekly to discuss/learn/read/dialogue together about issues of social justice.  When we started, Josh called us “The Social Justice League” because he thought it made us sound like superheros.  The more we get into it though, I realize that […]

on birthdays

Yesterday was a really perfect day.  I started painting again and lost myself in it for a couple of hours.  It’s been too long.  I didn’t know how much I missed the smells, the brushes, the colors; everything about it made me remember that I am a created being–a creative created being.   I tend […]

on traveling

I’ve come to really enjoy traveling.  Actually that’s a lie, I have always enjoyed it.  Especially international travel.  For me, it’s one of the best ways to get completely out of my comfort zone.  To disconnect from the familiar.  To explore. To experience.  To love every single minute of it.

song of the day numero uno

this song makes me SO HAPPY Cuddle Fuddle by Passion Pit

birthday eve

well I officially have ONE more day to be 27.  I feel like I should do something crazy.  Any suggestions?

coffee, that’s what my day is missing!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a caffeine addiction.  But I can’t really fathom my life without coffee.  Its pretty much my favorite thing about waking up in the morning.  And for any of you who have seen me in the morning, you know why.   That said, this morning I woke up, did […]

ten things that make me smile

1. running 2. laughing 3. precious friends 4. snuggly clothes 5. being one day closer to graduation 6. being one day closer to being a mom 7. rainy days 8. sunny days 9. encouraging conversations  10. silence

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this; A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.  To him a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and a failure is […]

“She was jubilant, her wet hair down, and young, an outlaw.  She didn’t say anything but he knew what she meant: Celebrate with me.  Feel the sun.  Underneath the earth things stir.  You and I know this.  We mark it now.”                              […]


For some reason I can’t seem to shake the hazy cloud over my head today.  Maybe it’s the rain?  Maybe I need more sleep? Maybe I need some more coffee?  Maybe I should go for a run?  Suggestions?