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i heart my job

Auburn Student with “Full Purpose” from Eagle Eye TV on Vimeo.

feeding 9 billion of us

why care?

Why Care? Campaign

we need to talk about injustice

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last one, i promise

more on storytelling

abandoning crap

i heart ira

mix tapes & a bit more about me

A friend and I are in the process of a really interesting dialogue related to planning our futures and as a part of it, I thought I would open up a few more bits of myself to you. Mainly because I want to begin sharing parts of my new journey towards minimalism and share with […]

picture a day keeps the blues away

i say ummmm way too much

So this semester I’m team teaching my first video based course in the Executive MBA program here at Auburn. Today William, our super fantastic office helper, gave me a copy of my class.  He also recommended that I NOT watch the video because it would weird me out. Welp, he was right. In conclusion, I’ve […]

but a dr. none the less


t-minus 13 hours and counting


live bigger

lectio divina

I’ve recently *read: today* started a new devotional book.  I’m not usually one for reading daily devotionals, but recently *read: the last 12 months* I’ve started feeling a bit unraveled and not quite settled.  Of the few solaces I’ve found, the primary core consisting of reading, meditating on scripture, shopping, drawing, running, and working, scripture […]

olive trees & poetry

Every semester I make my students read Thomas Friedman’s book The Lexus and the Olive Tree.  Every semester they moan and groan and complain that it’s too dense, too long, and too complicated for them to understand.  But I make them read it anyway.  And every now and then, I catch moments where I can […]

thoughts on life and the future

Awake every day I work, run, write, teach, and try to be more human. Discovering who I’m made to be in this life, what I’m meant to do. My thoughts sometimes race emotions well inside me insecurities. And then I relax simply breathing and loving learning to let go.


Heading to New York tomorrow to do some recruiting for work.  If you’re in the mood for an MBA, head here on Saturday, I’d truly love to meet you.  Truly.

for the curious

This is what my life is like most days: sitting and writing. . .one bird at a time!


I usually operate at about 96%.  In other words, I never usually have my act COMPLETELY together.  Although I do give it my best shot, it never fails, that elusive 4% gets me every time. Take last week for example.  It’s 8:00 am and I’m geared up to teach my first class of the semester. […]

Chicago, Part I

Favorites (and also a list of pictures that I did not take): 1. View from the lounge at the John Hancock Building. Really, if I lived in Chicago, I would make it a point to go here at least once a week. 2. Meeting some new friends, catching up with some old ones (Hi Tracey! Hi […]


So I’m going to Chicago this weekend to do some stuff for work and also for fun.  As much as I’ve moved around this lil’ ole’ planet of ours, I’ve never made it to Chicago . . . kind of a tragedy now that I think about it.  However, it is a small tragedy that […]

Lil’ Ole Auburn

So I’ve been on a bit of an Auburn high recently.  Especially since we made US News and World Report’s “Top 10 Best Places to Live in America” list last month.  Although I moved here kicking and screaming a few years (read: almost FIVE!!!) ago and was pretty sure that when I moved here I was […]

crooked lines

Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage.  The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace. -Matthew 6   The older I get, the more complicated life seems to become.  Someone recently told me that for me, some things are like crooked lines, and […]

today I have lived and loved. . .

1. grace 2. freedom 3. rain storms that catch you off guard 4. quirky friends who seek love in unique ways 5. being comfortable in my own skin 6. discovery 7. writing 8. being almost done with school.  FINALLY. 9. reconnecting with friends both old & new 10. realizing that the past isn’t so scary […]

India and other places

So I’ve been traveling a lot recently. And by a lot, I mean as much as possible. With the baby coming in the spring, I’m trying to get the travel bug out of my system so that once the baby comes, I’ll be set. The best part of the whole deal, is that my current […]

1st Bi-Annual GCC BlueS Awards

Small sampling of some of this year’s winners: Best All Round Most likely to grow up to be a teletubbie (and for serendating their teacher)     Most likely to make you feel retarded (and for the shout out)   1.  I have the best job ever. 2.  I have the best students ever. 3.  I am SO PROUD of […]