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i like adoption

if this doesn’t inspire you, then you deserve coal in your stocking. New Film Premiere – I Like Adoption. from on Vimeo. .


Words cannot express how much Zach and I love these two little boys. photos courtesy of Jean Allsopp Photography

ephraim & caleb’s adoption story

Here’s the video Here’s the prezi

happiness & pure bliss

happy birthday my prince

  Dear Ephraim, This is one of the first pictures I ever saw of you. It’s from the day I got your referral–February 4, 2009. You were 2 months old and from what they’ve told me, you were an amazing little baby. Today’s your birthday. You just turned 3. I can’t even hardly believe it. […]

to infinity and beyond!

first days

. . . with 2, 2 year olds are very, very busy, but I’ll try to post more as we settle in to our new normal.

too cool for school

donations for ethiopian orphanage and foster home

As I’m gearing up for my trip (week countdown has officially started), I’m trying to collect donations for Ephraim’s orphanage and foster home. Please get in touch with me: marykatherinebrock at gmail dot com if you’d like to send something along.  Also, if you live in SC, you can get donations to my parents. My […]

happy campers.

cleared for travel!!!

I just got the email that I’m cleared for travel to go get Ephraim!!! I’m too excited to write anything more right now, but I’ll try to update as the trip unfolds.  Oh man, did my life just get SO MUCH SWEETER!!

new pictures

seven hundred and thirty

    Dear Caleb, Today you are seven hundred and thirty days old. You are talking up a storm and you can’t seem to get enough fruit. Your current favorites are blueberries, strawberries, peaches, apples, oranges, and grapes. You don’t care too much for cantaloupe right now, but I’m sure you’ll like it eventually. It’s […]

we love breakfast foods

The Slurp The Smile The Aftermath

let me tell you what God did

I’m still processing this whole thing. The miracle-wonder that happened to our precious little family last week. I know I’ve posted this a few times already, but a few months ago God gave me Romans 4 as a vision of what He was going to do for my family: 13-15That famous promise God gave Abraham—that […]

he’s a keeper

roller coasters, guns, & kids

Last week I watched a new tv show and in one of the first scenes a character came to work with a gun. After the gun’s appearance, several characters casually mention that a gun that appears in the first act, always shows up in the third. So, I guess the beginning of the first act […]

Hello world!

Welp, our family just got a lil’ bigger! World, meet my miracle son, Ephraim.   Hallelujah!  

cute meets uke


terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

I hate politics. I hate local politics, I hate national politics, and I hate all of the politics in between. AND I especially hate that politics are standing in between me and my son being able to be a family. I got some bad news today about the police letter that I need in order […]


. . . and it is a match made in Heaven. Literally.   INFP (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) “Taking Everything to Heart” Because INFPs represent such a small percentage of the American population, they naturally feel alone and a bit out of step with our bustling, pragmatic, and product-oriented society. Typically INFPs struggle to find […]

confide entirely

I came across this quote the other day and it made me stop and think and wonder if the same is true in my life? I’ve given it a good thinking for the past several days and  I’m still not sure.  I think for me the faith part has certainly been a growing and a […]

love it

rugged road

I can’t seem to get this Judee Sill song out of my head tonight. Things appear to be coming together with the adoption, but it was and still is a rugged road, which so reminds me of Addis (see below). For those not connected on Facebook, court did not pass on Monday.  Only 1 of […]

expectant faith

God, the one and only— I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I need comes from him, so why not? He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, An impregnable castle: I’m set for life. Psalm 62: 1-2    

morning prayers

I wait expectantly. Sunday Morning Prayers Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2011   His miracles are staggering, his wonders are surprising. His kingdom lasts and lasts, his sovereign rule goes on forever. Daniel 4:3   Just think—you don’t need a thing, you’ve got it all! All God’s gifts are right in front of you as you wait expectantly for our […]

do this, and I will take care of you

Do this, and I will take care of you. This is the promise God revealed to me at the very beginning of this adoption journey in August of 2007. As I walk through today and tomorrow, and the days to come, I will walk in the faith of my faith-father Abraham. I will believe as […]

the best medicine

After such a long, hard, and tearful day yesterday of saying goodbye for now to our children, a bunch of us went to dinner at a restaurant called Yod Abyssinia. The food was great and it was so good to be in a place where we could all relax and ‘just be’ for a minute. […]

conversations, dark chocolate, & authenticity

This is a blog I wrote a long time ago, but never posted because I wasn’t sure how to finish it.  This morning, I think I figured it out. However,  I wanted to keep it in the same context, so just know that the “tonight” I refer to was actually almost a year ago before […]

i believe in miracles

Just as God miraculously makes the sun to rise each morning over this city. Just as He makes the molecules in my body work in a rhythm that gives me life each day. Just as He created the stars and the moon and the heavens above.  Just as he healed the cancer from my father’s […]

today is a hard day

things i carry

This is a passage from the Sermon on the Mount (Message translation) found in Matthew 5. When I did the 40 day fast back in the Summer of 2007 as I prayed through the adoption calling on my life, this passage was the main focus for that time.  I had always heard people say that […]

well, he peed on me

So I guess that’s a good sign that he’s comfortable around me.  Actually when I got home to the guest house, all of the workers were quite excited for me because in Ethiopia it is considered good luck when I child pees on your leg because it means you’re going to have a baby.  At […]


    As I sit here drinking my coffee (kudos to Ethiopia for the black gold that gives me that extra umph every morning) watching the sunrise, it feels just like any other morning. Except that it’s not.  In a few short hours I will get on a bus heading to the Acacia Village and […]

how to change your life: compassion

Today I was blessed to meet two of the kids I sponsor through Compassion International. We first met in January of 2010 when I was here getting Caleb, and I was very fortunate to be able to spend more time with them on this trip. We had a great time getting to know each other […]

ethiopian sunrise and a room with a view

welp, it’s a maybe!

Just a quick update because I still have to go pack and try and make it to the airport on time, but the birth mother gave her consent and I’m still waiting on all of the letters to go through (see 50/50). There’s a chance they could be there by my court date on the […]


Just got an update from my agency and things are still 50/50 as to whether or not the adoption will go through the first stage of court next week. Here are some specific prayer requests of things that need to fall into place in order to get through this process and bring home little man: […]

thirty so far

This past Fall I hit the big 3-0 mark. And while the birthday celebration was with strangers, some of whom would become friends, it was unforgettable to say the least. I was travelling for work and we had just arrived at the Sabi Sands Region of Kruger National Park in South Africa. I couldn’t have dreamed […]

never a dull moment

cutie pa tootie

the boogie


happy new year! from our family to yours

Happy New Year! from Katie Brock on Vimeo.

we are fam-i-ly

by far the cutest lion I’ve ever seen. . .

skype:sanity that keeps you pleasant everywhere


happiness is the color blue



that smile


picture a day keeps the blues away



happy birthday kiddo

I am so glad you are in my life. I love you. -mom

one hundred and five

That’s how many days I’ve known Caleb That’s how many days I’ve been his mother Most of the time, we do a lot of really normal stuff together Sometimes we play Sometimes we get dressed Sometimes we bathe Sometimes we eat Sometimes we sleep Sometimes we comfort each other Sometimes we just watch each other […]

simply precious

sweet sound to my ears

I’ve known Caleb for 3 months today. I feel like I’ve known him forever. That’s crazy talk. laughing from Katie Brock on Vimeo. laughing from Katie Brock on Vimeo.


*NSYNC from Katie Brock on Vimeo.

not always happy

. . . but he is most of the time not always happy from Katie Brock on Vimeo.

cute meets band-aid

cute meets band-aid from Katie Brock on Vimeo.


This post is dedicated to a few little things that make me happy and also this, this, this, and OF COURSE this:


sometimes here and there, yet other times none at all, love still grows stronger.

sweet song

I like to sing this song to Caleb in the morning time. Another version: Take Your Love With Me (The Ukulele Song)

awww mommmmmm

Photo by Studio A Photography


Photo by Studio A Photography

love of my heart

You are. Photo by Studio A Photography

small things with great love

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa Photo by Studio A Photography

scenes from an extraordinarily regular life

wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks. Photos by Studio A Photography

nap time

Photo by Studio A Photography


Photo by Studio A Photography

he’s a talker

Photo by Studio A Photography

our family

Photo by Studio A Photography

knock knock

Who’s there? a cutie A cutie who? a cutie-pa-tootie Photo by Studio A Photography


Photo by Studio A Photography

faithful you will be

This is a song that has meant a lot to me recently. God Who Answers Prayer – Eleva… I can only post the first 30 seconds, but here is a link to iTunes and here are the lyrics: God who answers prayer Sees me in my need Runs to my despair Your promise I believe […]

just sayin’

I got the cutest one. Photo by Studio A Photography

yep, we’re happy.

a happy, messy affair

Days with Caleb are a very happy (and sometimes messy) affair. He’s fun and funny. He is all boy. He can make sounds (and smells) come out of almost every orifice. He likes to make farting sounds with his mouth. He dances to Feist and Gnarls Barkley. He LOVES to watch sesame street on youtube and […]


Hallelujah from Elevation Worship on Vimeo. I’ve always found great comfort in this song. I’m not even sure which part resonates so well with my inner person. Maybe it’s the hopeful sadness? Maybe it’s the acknowledgement that life is sometimes a messy, broken thing? Or maybe it’s that to me, I find hope that other […]


How to keep my kid entertained for hours? EASY. Give him a big giant piece of paper and let him go to town. keeping my child entertained for hours from Katie Brock on Vimeo. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see a few cameos of the motherhand.  Hovering as usual.

love this kid

a lesson on grief and redemption

Sometimes God asks you for a little. A smile, a kind word, 10%. Other times he asks for a lot. A car, a difficult relationship, a mission trip. And still other times he asks for everything. Reinvent your life, move to Hong Kong, become a parent. For a long time I liked to think that […]


so fun

my valentine


So despite all of our pre-adoption brainstorming, my mother is still nameless, and grandma just isn’t going to cut the cake.  Suggestions?


love so strong and true dear Caleb, how I love you! my precious baby

travelin’ man

shark attack!!


I feel long overdue in posting, but MY GOODNESS, what a whirlwind the past week has been.  We’ve been stateside 4 days and I’m just now starting to feel human again.  My brain and my heart are so full I feel as if they are going to burst at any moment.  I was putting away […]

away we go!!

See you in a few HOURS buddy!!!

this time next week

The recycling will be picked up again The work week will begin anew The milk will probably need to be replaced The weather in Auburn will be beautiful and in the mid-60’s Mom, Meredith, and I will be in Addis Abba, Ethiopia I WILL MEET MY SON FOR THE FIRST TIME I truly can’t wait […]

surprise and the answer i did not want to know

So I had a little surprise waiting for me when I got home from the holidays . . . Question: What’s worse than having rats in your house? Answer: Smelling dead ones in your air vents. In case you’re curious, YES, I am totally grossed out and YES, I have lysol-d my house from top […]


Caleb got moved to the foster home in Addis yesterday. That’s where Mom, Meredith, and I will meet him in January. This move is a pretty big deal for the kids because it’s the first time most of them have been in a car and they’re exposed to all new people in a new place. […]

this one bears repeating

. . . and is also what I’m going to teach Caleb when he’s old enough Beautiful_02- Single Guys Outtake from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

holy moly!

We’re going to Africa to get that baby!!!!! January 23-29, 2010 T-minus 37 days and counting

hello, my name is ______________

This is one of my favorite pictures of my parents who are now (as of last Tuesday) grandparents!!! The first (and only) time I went to Africa, my mom went with me.  About half way through the trip we got the ick.  In what seems to be a trend with me and traveling in underdeveloped […]

his birthday

Mr. Caleb has 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot. He also turned 5 months old today. Dang so I get excited when I think about birthday parties and birthday posters (thanks to lou’s mom for that idea), special meals, showing him about giving and loving and laughing.  I can’t wait […]



2 weeks old


Practicing his side shot so he can beat Uncle Mack at hoops.

his name

Brought to you by the country of Ethiopia and the letter C


The Brock Clan just got a lil’ bit  bigger!!!! Hey Everybody!!


I can’t wait until I have kids.

lectio divina

I’ve recently *read: today* started a new devotional book.  I’m not usually one for reading daily devotionals, but recently *read: the last 12 months* I’ve started feeling a bit unraveled and not quite settled.  Of the few solaces I’ve found, the primary core consisting of reading, meditating on scripture, shopping, drawing, running, and working, scripture […]

trials and grace

“Consider it pure joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything.” James 1:2-4 (NIV) “Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come […]

juror number 21

Last week I had to report for jury duty.  Having never done it before, I had no idea what to expect. And boy was I caught off guard. The week was full of only criminal trials and they were trying to process 500 of them over the course of the week. That’s right, 500 CRIMINAL […]

creepy crawly things

When I was a kid I was really into creepy crawly things.  Snakes, spiders, worms, fish, frogs, whole nine yards.  I used to LOVE dissecting things, especially in science class.  Figuring out how creatures worked, what their hearts looked like, where their guts were. . . all of it really.  I’m not sure when I […]

thoughts on life and the future

Awake every day I work, run, write, teach, and try to be more human. Discovering who I’m made to be in this life, what I’m meant to do. My thoughts sometimes race emotions well inside me insecurities. And then I relax simply breathing and loving learning to let go.


So I’ve neglected this blog for a few days because I’ve been distracted with life and other writing endeavors.  Namely letter writing.  I’ve found great satisfaction over these last few weeks connecting with friends (new and old) directly.  It’s not that I don’t cherish this platform, but if I’m honest, I enjoy the direct connections […]

precious announcement

When my dad was a kid, his dad died of cancer.  When I was a kid, my granddad died of cancer.  My Nana bravely buried two husbands and then tried as best she could to figure out life as a single female.  The first time, with three kids. The second time with three adult kids, […]

Allender on Life Without Faith

sift as wheat

I just finished reading The Healing Path and am sitting here in the library cafe, having also just finished my lunch, mulling over the last few pages of the book. In the last passage Allender writes about relationships, cleaving to each other as we progress in our stories.  He links this notion of ‘cleaving’ to […]

28 is (not so) great!

I dated a guy a few years ago who came up with themes for every year of his life.  When I turned 28 last year, my theme was, “28 is great!”  11 months in, that turned out to not really be the case. Although I did get to do quite a few cool and interesting […]

Allender on Powerlessness and Change

But powerlessness against constancy does not me defeat.  Rather it means I must be ever vigilant—ever seeking truth & shalom, ever feeding goodness into my soul, into my life.

on the edge

This is where I exist most of the time now.  Teetering precariously between hope and devastation. Most days I am hopeful.  I would be lying if I didn’t recognize the fact that sometimes this hope is merely optimistic denial, but more often than not takes the form of peace and rest.  A peace that God […]

Golden Nuggets

Some golden nuggets from The Healing Path, take from them what you will. “The core of love is the capacity to offer ourselves to others—to bless them with our presence and our gifts.  The dance of love calls us then to be open to receive from others gratitude and the gift of their presence in […]

On a more serious note

1st of the “stuff” books makes an appearance: On the back cover in bold letters: I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks & I love you.

On the day I lost the baby I had 26 voice mail messages, about 100 text messages, and dozens of missed calls when I turned on my phone that night.  The next day, I got even more. Even though I wasn’t in a place where I could take the calls, It made me feel really, […]

on being healthy

In my life I’ve learned that I have to do very distinct things to stay healthy. Not just physically healthy (although that’s a big part of it), but more so mentally and emotionally healthy. These are the things that I need. I need rest. Rest in many different forms. Rest as in sleeping. Rest as […]

hugs & healing & heart capacity

Over the past few weeks I’ve really come to cherish the warm embraces of people who love me. In other words, my friends give great hugs. Some of them were comfort hugs-like the kind where you can cry on their shoulder and stain their shirt with your pain. Some of them were “wow, it’s SO […]

time for every season

Most of you know, but for those that don’t, I lost the baby on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted as things progress, but right now I’m just trying to focus on the present. On being here, r-i-g-h-t n-o-w. And on breathing, and on being loved by the people around me, and on enjoying the beautiful […]

heavy & light

This past week was heavy (obviously).  Big adoption developments.  Weeping with my neighbor’s mother (he died in a car accident back in March).  Big beginnings (hello there baby Ramogi!) and big endings with my friends.   Lots of good-byes.   A few hellos.  But with all of that, there were also nice breezes.  Like picking […]

pain and faith

Truth is, some days hurt. Heartache and pain are real and it’s OK to feel them.  And it’s OK to recognize that some days are sad days. When the gospels talk about taking the narrow road, it is indeed the road less travelled.  There are more road blocks, more delays, more complications.  But it’s also slower, […]


Court didn’t pass today.  I have another hearing on June 18.  Hopefully it will pass at that point and I can begin making plans to bring my little boy home!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen. . .


haiku for a lovely tuesday evening

yesterday i dreamt of laughter, love, joy and more sweet gabe, come home soon!

the most PRECIOUS sentence of my life up to this point

A few days ago I got an update on my sweet baby boy and this one sentence has made me cry tears of joy on and off ever since: “His language is laughing. . .” I can’t wait to actually hear his language of laughter, to touch his precious belly, and see his big brown […]

today I have lived and loved. . .

1. grace 2. freedom 3. rain storms that catch you off guard 4. quirky friends who seek love in unique ways 5. being comfortable in my own skin 6. discovery 7. writing 8. being almost done with school.  FINALLY. 9. reconnecting with friends both old & new 10. realizing that the past isn’t so scary […]

g has two sounds

his name

Brought to you by the country of Ethiopia and the letter g I think I want to name him Gabe.  Well for real I want to name him Solomon Gabriel Brock . . . but I’m going to call him Gabe.

My little prince

All I have of my son is pictures.  8 to be exact.  I keep looking at them trying to memorize every little detail about him.  Although I can’t wait to see him in the flesh, I am most excited to learn who he is and to know all the things about him that my eyes […]

It’s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!


prayer. love. support.

So I’ve been putting off writing this post because I’m not very good at asking for things and even less good at accepting them.  My faith is very similar.  Most of the time my biggest struggles stem from my inability to accept God’s love and His grace.  I don’t know why I’m like that.  I’ve […]

on rain, farting, and kids

This is from a hilarious website that pretty much made my day yesterday.  Kids are so fantastic.  

on birthdays

Yesterday was a really perfect day.  I started painting again and lost myself in it for a couple of hours.  It’s been too long.  I didn’t know how much I missed the smells, the brushes, the colors; everything about it made me remember that I am a created being–a creative created being.   I tend […]

Happy Birthday Ben!!

My friend Daphne is adopting a little boy from Ethiopia and today is his first birthday.  We all can’t wait to meet Ben and are praying that he comes home as soon as possible!!

hello, my name is ___________________.

So the reality of adoption is beginning to hit me.  Soon, well, hopefully soon, motherhood will land on the brock house . . . and all I know is that everything in my life is going to change.   I was having lunch with some sweet friends and their kids from church today and asked […]

a few haikus for you

ADOPTION notarize this and pay money pay money pay motherhood comes soon LIFE airplane car hotel work sleep drive write teach eat sleep is my life most days

a bunch of good days in a row

It rained today when I was on my way home from work.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  It reminded me to enjoy the simple, little things.  During this time of unknowns & uncertainties (mostly with respect to the baby) focusing on small things, really helps me to keep my cool and move forward.

maybe baby

About a year and a half ago, I began exploring and questioning the fundamental tenants of my Christian faith.  I realized that although I believed in God, the Bible, and especially the redemptive message of Jesus Christ, I failed to make the connections of these beliefs to my everyday existence.  Essentially I was living a […]