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simply elegant

who knows, who cares?

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happiness & pure bliss

lovely song

Please don’t confront me with my failures, I have not forgotten them. -These Days by Jackson Brown

love this

love this


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rugged road

I can’t seem to get this Judee Sill song out of my head tonight. Things appear to be coming together with the adoption, but it was and still is a rugged road, which so reminds me of Addis (see below). For those not connected on Facebook, court did not pass on Monday.  Only 1 of […]

today is a hard day

a little light around here

the odd couple

simply lovely

i heart ryan adams

a note from caleb

From the Elevation Worship Blog: “Today is September 7. And today our new full length worship album, “Kingdom Come”officially releases. Head over to iTunes to grab it now. Over a year ago, we began writing songs for this season in our church’s life. It’s been the most humbling year we’ve experienced as a worship ministry so far, […]

love this

holy moly!

So my brother’s new song got released on iTunes today and is already at #11! If you have .99 cents to spare, here’s the link: SO PROUD OF YOU MACK, AND OF THE WORK YOU GUYS ARE DOING AT ELEVATION!!

things i like

i hope i don’t ever fit into a box

the original



This is how I’ve been feeling. Life’s been coming a million miles an hour and mostly I just want to go for a walk.  Mostly I just want to say what I mean.  Mostly I just want it to slow down a bit. But for now, I need you.  But for now, I need you.


This song is precious

love this song


“indie rock with a side of calisthenics” via my old friend David A . . . I bet you can’t stop watching it either. Also, if I were a 4th grade teacher, I hope I would be this cool:

love this

sophie madeleine


This post is dedicated to a few little things that make me happy and also this, this, this, and OF COURSE this: