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on justice and superheros

So for almost a year now a group of my friends and I have been meeting quasi/semi weekly to discuss/learn/read/dialogue together about issues of social justice.  When we started, Josh called us “The Social Justice League” because he thought it made us sound like superheros.  The more we get into it though, I realize that we’re anything but that.  Last night we listened to a speech by Dr. King about the Vietnam War and his opposition to it.  Through our conversation I realized that a lot of what we are learning is that social justice through non-violence is a quiet act of defiance, which, when added together with thousands of other acts, bring about great social change.  

Living in Alabama, the heart of the civil rights movement, one would think that I could see injustice all around me.  The truth is that it’s hard for me to see it here.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.  Last night we prayed together that God would show us where to look and that when we saw it, it would be recognizable.  We also prayed for courage to act.

Action’s the hard part.  Its when you get down to actually living your convictions that things take effort.  I forgot the Dr. King quote that Phil kept saying, but it was something along those lines.  Collectively, we’re seeking to discover the lies of Empire that have manifested themselves in our lives.  Consumerism. War. Selfishness. Ignorance.  It’s a slow process to be sure, but it is in organic slowness that mighty trees grow.  One day we hope to be mighty trees.