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on the road again

In an effort to keep my mind occupied on things other than waiting on adoption paperwork, I’ve taken to traveling.  So far it’s been great.  I headed home for a few days for my cousin Jimmy’s wedding and then came back to Auburn for a day to pack before heading to LA to spend some time with my cousin Elliott and meet up with some amazing Linda’s.  Linda #1 is an eco-designer who is up there on my list of most amazing people I’ve ever met.  Linda #2 is a marketer whose client list is like a dream team of major companies.  After LA I headed down to Sunny San Diego for a few days to attend the American Marketing Association’s annual conference, go to the zoo, and catch up with some precious DC friends.  

Then I headed back to Auburn for a day to meet all the new MBAs before heading up to Boston to give a presentation about my master’s research at the American Psychological Association.  Other than being surrounded WAY too many therapists, it was a good time.  Malcolm Gladwell spoke at the opening last night and was a breath of fresh air following a political tirade by Patrick Kennedy who was accepting an award for his father Ted.  It was definitely one of those moments where I wish there had been an orchestra to start playing and clue him in that he should probably stop talking (think Oscar’s).  Anyway, I’m still here in bean town visiting another set of sweet friends before I have to head back to Auburn and start the semester.