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Food and travel

So I just ate what is quite possibly the most spicy breakfast EVER. I think the chef at the hotel restaurant took a liking to me because I was willing to try his all-Indian, all-vegetarian breakfast option. He kept piling my plate and explaining to me what all the different foods were and then brought me the Indian version of a pancake. It was a very thin, not-quite-crepe-like bread wrapped around some spiced potatoes. Definitely healthier than the American version for sure. It was delicious.

The Earth Plate

The Earth Plate at the Sahara Star Hotel

I’m definitely going to have to get my Indian friends back in Auburn to teach me how to make some of these dishes. Being vegetarian in a place like this is, in my opinion, the most delicious way one can eat. Tonight I travel with my friend’s brother to Surat to begin the wedding festivities. I CAN’T WAIT.

(p.s. Joshua, Mandy, and Nate, I am taking pictures, but my laptop isn’t letting me upload them to my computer. I’ll try to figure it out before I get home, but no promises.)