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going for GOLD


Cesar Cielo

Cesar Cielo

Holy Moley! He WON, he really, really WON!!

Never before have I been all that interested in the olympics. . .until now that is.  Surprisingly to me, the little town I now call home (Auburn, AL), is also home to many olympians, including Cesar Cielo whose swimming performance last night earned him the title of “the fastest man in the world.”  WOW.  

I must say, actually knowing people that are competing totally changes the olympic experience.  Last night after Cesar’s victory, my friend Steve (muti-time NCAA diving champion) sent me a text message that began, “My roommate won the gold metal in the 50!”  What?!!  It is so crazy to even think about the athletic prowess that surrounds me in Auburn.  To think that the same people who I go to bbq’s and tailgates with are also some of the best athletes on the planet.  How does that happen?  I think the general sentiment coming from our little town in Alabama is that we couldn’t be more excited for Cesar or for the other Auburn athletes that are competing.  What an amazing accomplishment.  WAR EAGLE!