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a note from caleb

From the Elevation Worship Blog:

“Today is September 7. And today our new full length worship album, “Kingdom Come”officially releases. Head over to iTunes to grab it now. Over a year ago, we began writing songs for this season in our church’s life. It’s been the most humbling year we’ve experienced as a worship ministry so far, as we’ve pressed into the Lord to give us songs for our people. We labored over lyrics. We labored over melodies. God gave us the songs to meet our people where they were. He gave our church songs so that we could voice our desperation for him, our adoration of him, and our desire to see him move mightily in our city.

He gave us songs like “Give Me Faith” so our people could declare with one voice, “I may be weak, but your Spirit’s strong in me!”

We’ve seen our church hold to the words, “If I lose it all, You’re enough. If I gain the world, You’re enough” in the song “You Are Enough” birthed out of our Philippians series last fall.

Together, we’ve sung the Gospel truth in “Mercy Reigns”: “I’m forgiven, washed inside a love that never let’s go.”

And we’ve rallied our hearts and voices around Jesus’ call to his Church as we’ve proclaimed, “Now’s the time for us to rise and carry hope and let love shine, and show this world that Mercy is alive.”

So, our hope is that these songs will inspire you. That they’ll stir faith and hope from within you. That on your worst day, you’ll hear these lyrics and remember the faithfulness of our God. And on your best day, you’ll be compelled to offer up praise to our God.

And we’re making a tangible impact on our world with this album release. Buy it today and 100% of the proceeds will go to provide clean water for families in Uganda through Turn On The Tap. We’re all in this together. Let’s rise up and be the Church God intends us to be.”

From Caleb:

Dear Uncle Mack,

Thank you for being the golden voice that sings me to sleep every single night.  I really love hearing you sing and I can’t wait until I’m big and can see you play in real life.  My mom tells me that you’re really special and that you love me very much.  I love you too.  I know I don’t know much about being a big kid, but I know a whole, whole lot about being a little one.  And boy do I need a lot of things like water and love and attention and food and milk.  It’s so cool that you are giving water to those kids in Uganda.  Somebody loved me like that when I was in Ethiopia and they gave me clean water too so that I could stay alive and be healthy until mom, grandma, and Aunt Meredith could come get me.  I bet there are a bunch of kids in Uganda who are just like me and need good water so they can stay alive and be healthy too.  Mom says that one day when I’m big we can play basketball together.  She says that you’re really good, so I’m going to have to practice lots and lots.  Good thing I have a lot of energy!  I love you and am  excited that I get to grow up and learn how to love Jesus from you and Pop.  Mom says that you and Pop are a lot a like and that I’m very special because God chose me to be in this family and that I grew in her heart, but also in yours too.  I feel very special when she says stuff like that and it makes me happy that I have an Aunt, and an Uncle, and a Grandma, and a Grandpa that love me very much.  We will have fun when I visit Grandma and Pop in a few weeks.  I am excited to see you again.



(p.s. Tell Maebe dog I said GANNNNNNNNG-GA! (she’ll know what you mean))