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things i carry

This is a passage from the Sermon on the Mount (Message translation) found in Matthew 5. When I did the 40 day fast back in the Summer of 2007 as I prayed through the adoption calling on my life, this passage was the main focus for that time.  I had always heard people say that the Sermon on the Mount changed their lives, but it wasn’t until I read this version of it and prayed through it over the last several years that I began to understand it’s meaning. God continues to knead these words in my life.


I’m not sure who gave this to me, but I feel like I’ve had it forever. On the outside are the Chinese characters for courage.  I don’t wear this all of the time back home, but on this trip, I thought I could use the extra reminder.


This is a necklace that my sweet and dear friend Kellie gave me when we first began living life together.  By it I am reminded not only of our friendship, but of the interconnectedness of life.  I was first encouraged and impressed that it was made by a company who employs single moms, but over the years this necklace has developed a much deeper meaning for me than a just a contribution to a social enterprise.  To me it represents that all humans are connected. In living out my faith, a big part of the call of a Christian is to love my neighbor, regarless of whether they live in Opelika, Alabama or Surat, India, or Soddo, Ethiopia. I wear this necklace nearly everyday to remind myself of these things.


This is a note Kellie (can you tell that she’s an important person in my life?) gave to me right before I left for the airport along with a very precious gift that I’ll share at another time.  I think this one is pretty self explanatory.