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donations for ethiopian orphanage and foster home

As I’m gearing up for my trip (week countdown has officially started), I’m trying to collect donations for Ephraim’s orphanage and foster home. Please get in touch with me: marykatherinebrock at gmail dot com if you’d like to send something along.  Also, if you live in SC, you can get donations to my parents. My mom will be coming here on September 1 to care for Caleb.

Current, most pressing needs are:

-lice shampoo
-clotrimzole cream
-diaper rash cream
-multivitamin drops for infants

Other needs:

-baby formula (similac is the most requested brand)
-diapers (all sizes)
-new clothes for older children (there is a new law that clothes for orphans coming in the country must be new)
-latex gloves
-flat bed sheets