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happy birthday my prince


Dear Ephraim,

This is one of the first pictures I ever saw of you. It’s from the day I got your referral–February 4, 2009. You were 2 months old and from what they’ve told me, you were an amazing little baby. Today’s your birthday. You just turned 3. I can’t even hardly believe it. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize that we’re a family. You’ve been here with me and Caleb for a little over two months and yet, it feels like you’ve been here forever.

You are so brave. Everything in your little world has changed and yet each morning you still greet me with smile and we snuggle while we wait for brother to wake up (and while I wait for the coffee to brew). It’s a precious time. Really soon, Daddy and Mommy are going to get married and then you’ll be able to snuggle with both of us every single day! Mommy’s really excited about that because Daddy is a wonderful man and he’s also super fun to be around. You love it when he tickles you and we love it when you laugh.

I’m trying to write down all of the funny things that you do so that when you’re older I can share them with you. You’re really smart, and are learning so many new things everyday. You are very sweet and helpful, especially towards your little brother. The other day, you were getting your water cup and noticed that Caleb didn’t have his, so you put yours down, and went to get it for him. Sometimes you can get a little mischievous. You’ve already learned how to lock and unlock all of the doors in the house. That’s why all of the locks have duct tape on them. It’s pretty funny how Daddy and I are learning to stay one step ahead of you. Sometimes you still get the best of us and that’s when we’re really thankful for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. Buzz Lightyear is your absolute favorite thing ever and you beg me on a daily basis to watch “Buzz on TB?” Most of the time, I tell you that Buzz is sleeping and that seems to make sense to you, so you’ll go and play with something else. We also love watching Elmo. You’ve learned so many words and phrases from Sesame Street and I can see your little brain working as you are watching and trying to learn English. You’re doing so well and everyday we communicate a little better than the day before. I love our little family language that has developed over the past 2 months. It’s a little bit Amharic, a lot of English, and a heaping tablespoon of words that we’ve just made up. I don’t even realize we have it until people come over and point out that they have no idea what we’ve just said to each other. Caleb and Daddy are in on it too and I have a feeling that we’ll always have our own little language. It warms my heart to think about it. You love to sing and dance, but most of all you love to run and play. Your laugh is infectious and it fills our house with life and joy. I am so thankful that this is the music that will define our home.

I’ve spent some time these past few days sorting through all of your paperwork and I found one of the first descriptions I read about you, “gorgeous, a pure prince, always sleeping with his hands up at his face – loves to snuggle . . .  He is one of God’s special little angels.” These are the words that have echoed through my heart over the last several years. For so long, you grew in my heart while we both waited for God to knit us together as a family. I pray fervently that you know and understand how much I love you. And more than that, how much God loves you too.

You are my pure prince.

You are my miracle son.

Happy Birthday.