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somethin’ ain’t right

In the  last 2 and a half months life has been really full, really fun, really, really busy, and at times exhausting. Part of the exhaustion stems from the fact that I can’t seem to stay healthy. Without going into too much detail lets just say I’ve had many more days of sick than days of well. I have no idea what’s going on or why I can’t seem to have any respite from sickness, but I’ve decided that if I’m going to get AND stay well I’ve got to be proactive about it.

I’ve been reading a lot recently about minimalismhealthy habits, and solutions to make my life better. One of the themes that comes up over and over again is personal accountability. I need to find success in achieving health, not just for me, but for my family. So that said, I’ve been working on changing a few habits and would like to change a few more in the coming months.  I’ll be using the single-change method, because I really do think that’s the best way to go about this. Here are the changes I’ve made thus far and well as a few things that are in the docket:

I’ve started daily tracking my weight on a withings scale so that I can monitor the effects of my habit changes on my physical health. This comes from a recommendation by my friend Amelia who has had a lot of success with doing this. I’m a big fan of metrics and truly believe in the old adage, that if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

2. FOOD.
The boys (Zach included) and I also started eating mostly organic foods. We’re a part of a local CSA and thankfully Earthfare makes it an easy (but expensive) task to fill in the rest of our diet. Along these lines I’d like to work towards eliminating most sugary foods from my diet as well as move towards eating mostly vegetarian and vegan foods. I’ve also begun making green smoothies each morning, and have mostly eliminated sugar and half and half from my coffee. Black & bitter!

I have been slowly but surely chipping away at my debts.  I had to buy a new car last year because mine started to have engine trouble and with as much as I travel with small children, it just wasn’t worth the risk anymore.  I also have some credit card debts because the speed of Ephraim’s adoption necessitated going into a bit of debt in order to bring him home.  Although totally worth it, I’m a big fan of debt proof living and I know that my personal stress levels will drastically decrease once these debts are paid in full. These payments are on track and hopefully by August of next year will be, as Caleb says, “all done.”

I’m a week in to supplementing my diet with vitamins and organic supplements. I think I’ve got a pretty good balance going but will check in with my doctor when I go home for the wedding, to make sure I’m on track.

This is a big one for me and is my next habit change focus. I’ve never been a big sleeper and having two toddlers now has not helped in that department at all. So, recognizing that a big part of my sleep patterns are out of my control, I want to focus on the parts that are in my control, namely going to bed at a decent hour.

This will be my next hurdle. Prior to getting Caleb, I was an avid runner and would regularly run between 5 & 14 miles on any given day and was really active in the weight room. After the wedding Zach and I have decided that we want to make exercise a priority for both of us. I’ll keep you posted on the plan as I get it set up, but I’d like to do some combination of running, yoga, & weights.