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So I’ve been putting off writing this post because I’m not very good at asking for things and even less good at accepting them.  My faith is very similar.  Most of the time my biggest struggles stem from my inability to accept God’s love and His grace.  I don’t know why I’m like that.  I’ve spent a lifetime trying to not be that way and God, in His infinite grace, lets me make baby steps towards experiencing His freedom.  That said, this is a letter I recently mailed to my closest friends and family.  I’d like to share it with you because it’s where I’m at.  It’s what I need.  


Dear Friends,

It is with much excitement that I share with you some important news in my life—I’m adoption pregnant!!   I know most of you are already well aware of this fact, but I wanted to make sure you were updated on my progress and most importantly ask that you join me in prayer for the new Brock grandbaby.  Right now our family refers to him/her as baby grace.

Some of you might be surprised by the “him/her” reference since up until this point, I was fairly certain that I would request a baby girl.  However, the adoption situation in Ethiopia has changed quite dramatically since I began this process back in January.  Apparently everyone and their brother want to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia and the waiting time for a girl has doubled.  And yet, there are more infant boys available than people willing to adopt them.  When I think about it, choosing a gender makes me very uncomfortable. So, most likely I will request either gender and leave that decision up to the Lord.

Many of you have asked how you can support me as I go through this process.   I’m writing this letter so that you can know how best to pray, love, and support us through this process.

Prayer. Praying for baby grace and me is the single most important thing you can do for us.  Please pray for the family, specifically the birth mother of baby grace.  I cannot even fathom the decisions and desperation that these precious people are facing as they place baby grace in an orphanage.  I cry every time I think about it. 

I ask that you also pray for the health, safety, and development of baby grace as she/he will inevitably spend time in an overcrowded orphanage where diseases are rampant and resources are scarce.  Although Christian World Adoption (my agency) are doing all they can to provide for the children in their care, the needs are great and individualized attention is hard for the children to come by.   Although the events of the past few months show we are not in great economic shape as a country, Ethiopia is much worse off.  As one of the poorest countries in the world, Ethiopians are currently on the brink of famine as oil and food prices continue to rise.  I have no idea how this is affecting baby grace or the birth family, and that too makes me weep for them.

I covet your prayers for myself as well.  Currently, I am trying to finish my dissertation so that I will be completely finished with my PhD by the time I travel to Ethiopia to get baby grace.   I am also at the beginning of the job search process for a professorship that I hope to begin in August of 2010.  Academic jobs are a little weird in that you have to apply a year and a half in advance for positions.  Specifically, I ask you to pray that I get a job as a marketing professor either at Clemson University or a school in North or South Carolina.  Although I am open to other options, it would be nice to get closer to home.  As mom would say, family matters because, well—its family and family is important.  As a single mom, I realize that I am going to need my family, my church family, and my friends more than ever.

I am also entering one of the most difficult stages of the adoption process—waiting.   Once I start the referral process, I can get a call with information about baby grace anywhere from the next day to eight or nine months down the road.  The process gets even harder once I get the referral, because I will know who baby grace is and will have pictures of him/her but will have to wait anywhere from three to nine MONTHS before I can actually travel to Ethiopia to bring him or her home.   Please pray that I have wisdom patience and am able to trust in God’s perfect plan and timing in all aspects of this upcoming wait.

Love.  As I enter this time of uncertainty and waiting, I know that I will need your friendship more than ever.  Please stay in touch and keep me updated on your lives.  I love hearing from you and am always encouraged by phone calls, letters, emails, and visits.

Support.  Although I am working and saving as much as I can, the costs of adoption are staggering.   Overall the process will cost $21-27,000.  Thus far I have paid about $6,600 and have another $6,200 saved.  I am currently trying to raise $12,000 more to complete the next step of my adoption and begin the referral process.  I am also in the process of applying for several grants through organizations like Shaohannah’s Hope.  If you are interested in supporting this adoption financially, you can make a tax-deductable donation to the Christian World Foundation.  You can either mail a check (*be sure to write: “Mary Katherine Brock’s Adoption Expenses” in the memo) to:

Christian World Adoption

777 South Allen Road

Flat Rock, NC 28731

 You can also make a donation online at:

Please be sure to specify my information in the optional portion of the “Specify Donation” section.   My information is as follows:

CWA Family

Mary Katherine Brock

528 Oak Meadow Lane

Auburn, AL 36830

You have no idea how much I appreciate your continued support and investment in my life.  I look forward to updating you about baby grace as we enter our lives together!

In Christ’s love,