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summer book brigade

A few weeks ago a friend recommended some books to me to help me deal with all of the “stuff” in my life right now.  “Stuff” being the operative word for grief, a word I’m trying to tread lightly around these days.  Anyhoo, I went a little crazy on (as I have been known to do on occasion) and decided that I wanted to spice up my reading with a few fun books too.  I mean life can’t be all pain and tears right?  Laughter truly is the best medicine sometimes.  But this fun comes with stipulations.  Although I’m not a fan of rules, stipulations make things seem just a little more interesting . . . or at least more interesting than perhaps they might be if you lived your life in a small box at the bottom of a hole.

That said, here is the official list of the the Summer Book Brigade’s “Summer Stipulations Because it’s Summer and Summer is Awesome”:

1. One must order lots of random books on
2. Said books must range a broad spectrum of literary funness
3. There must be a smattering of “how to deal with stuff” books, just to keep one (i.e. me) moving forward
4. All books must be read in their entirety in the order that they arrive in one’s mailbox (exceptions may be made if too many books of the #3 kind arrive all on the same day)
5. Read, read, laugh, cry, read, read, & read some more!

Let the games begin!