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cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater

Rules schmules.  I had to come up for air from the Allender book, and a little Sedaris never hurt anyone . . . although it has been known to make them giggle.

Sidenote:  When I was in college, some friends back home played a fantastically annoying game called “TaDAOW.”  Essentially the game went like this: Friend A would call Friend B, yell “TaDAOW” and then hang up.  Then, Friend B would  feel like an idiot until they either reciprocated the “TaDAOW” or were able to pass on the slip to unsuspecting victim, Friend C.  The only way around a “TaDAOW” was to call somebody’s bluff and say “Peace” when you answered your phone.  Obviously you wouldn’t want to say this every time you answered your phone, for fear of sounding like some sort of hippie do-gooder, or worse, a pansy.

All of that was to relay the gravity of the following sentence:

Our friend Chris Carroll “TaDAOW”d Amy Sedaris.