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Charlotte’s Web

Hers was bigger and better, but you get the picture.

Hers was bigger and better, but you get the picture.

About two weeks ago a spider moved into my back yard.  I know, I know, there are probably HUNDREDS of spiders that live there already, but this one is like the King, or rather, the Queen of all of the spiders.  She is gigantic and her name is Charlotte.  And every night for the past week or so I’d sit out on my back porch and watch her build her web.  And boy did she build.  She’d string it from the power line to the side of my house, and then anchor it to my hydrangea bush & back patio.  The actual web part of her web was probably a good 3 feet on any given night.  It was really beautiful.

I’m not sure why, but every morning she’d be gone again.  Sometime between midnight and 6 am she’d move on and take her web with her.  I could usually spot her around dusk, starting over.  Weaving her way into the night.

Tonight when I went out to watch, Charlotte wasn’t there any more.  I almost cried.  But then I remembered this great line from a children’s book that my brother and I love, “never saying goodbye means you never get to say hello.”

Maybe she’ll come back tonight.