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The moon is perfect tonight. Round, white, behind hazy clouds peeking through the trees. I feel as if it’s saying to me, “Come flirt with me, dance with me, imagine, remember. Remember when you were a kid and grownups seemed so big and you seemed so small? Remember when simple things like playing hide and go seek long into the night was the best way to unwind from a day full of adventures? Remember when you would sneak out onto the rooftops just to lay and stare at me and my place in the stars?”

“Yes, yes I remember!” I respond in my few moments of sanity.

There’s something so completely mysterious and captivating about moonlight. It reminds me of story books, of love songs, of dreaming. Hmmmm dreaming. Dreaming dark chocolate memories. The older I get, the more I miss the simplicity of childlike wonder. I try to recapture it by noticing little things. Like the way the rain felt on my skin during a run. Or the taste of that first sip of coffee. Or the way mornings smell. Or the way I feel when someone kisses me for the very first time. Those tingly warm moments of life that make living so very pleasant.