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hello, my name is ___________________.

So the reality of adoption is beginning to hit me.  Soon, well, hopefully soon, motherhood will land on the brock house . . . and all I know is that everything in my life is going to change.  

I was having lunch with some sweet friends and their kids from church today and asked them how they came up with the names of their children.  I still have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Bear in mind, all of this is coming from the kid named after a McDonald’s commercial. . .I have a few names kicking around in my head, but I still can’t imagine the awesome responsibility it is to name someone.  It’s the same authority God granted Adam in the garden-namer of the animals.  I’m a firm believer that to name something is to take ownership of it.  Naming your sins, naming your pets, naming your car. . .but naming a person?  wow.  This one’s going to take me a while.